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How to Make Mojomatt the N°1 Travel and Lifestyle Blog


The Mission

  • Increase the organic traffic of the blog
  • Build content around travel and lifestyle
  • Create and optimize reviews to increase affiliate revenue
  • Increase the domain authority

*Disclaimer: That's the blog of Matt, MojoSons Media founder. In other words, that's me Matt (who writes these lines and take care of

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What We're Doing

Website management for

In SEO Terms

  • Keyword Research
  • Content Creation
  • Content Optimization
  • Linkbuilding
  • SERP Tracking
  • Monthly Report

In Other Words

  • Everything

The Results We're Seeing

  • 10K+ Unique Monthly Visitors (90% organic traffic)
  • 1K$ Monthly Affiliate Commissions

Case Study

Since January 2020, even though a part of the website took a hit due to the coronavirus (most contents is related to nightlife and travel) in 3 months we saw :

  • x3 organic traffic
  • +20 new referring domains
  • +200% in revenue

How we did it

  • Creation of informational content to support affiliate pages
  • Creation of silos to establish topic relevancy
  • Outreach to bloggers and authority websites in the niche
  • Create new optimized content targeting specific keywords
  • Updating and optimizing old content