On-Page SEO Checklist

Adding new content consistently is one of the key of success in SEO.

But your content need to:

  1. Target a keyword or multiple keywords
  2. Answer the user query (the reason why they’re searching it on Google)
  3. Be optimized for search engines

Don’t respect one of these 3 rules and your content will not get the success it deserves.

Today, we’re gonna focus on Step 3: Optimizing you content for SEO.

To do this, there’s is things to do for each content you create.

And to make sure we do everything we’re supposed to do, every time, without missing a step, we created our checklist for On-Page SEO.

You might think you know everything about SEO and you don’t need a checklist.

Let me tell you that the right answer is you do.

Nobody’s too good not to have a checklist (not even doctors).

So here’s the checklist we use for every new page and post we create on our websites :

  • Use simple vocabulary
  • Use short sentences
  • Break down the content in small paragraphs
  • No parts bigger than 300 words
  • Main Keyword in Meta Title, H1, and first paragraph
  • Write a killer intro to reduce bounce rate
  • Step back: content should be optimized for SEO but always be easy to read and match user intent
  • Include outbound links to authority websites (DR = 40+ | Ex: Lonely Planet, New York Times, Techcrunch…)
  • Links to external websites or affiliate links open in new window
  • Nofollow links to affiliate links or pages with no content (maps, events…)
  • Add internal links to related posts/content on the website
  • Write customized and optimized Meta title and description (including the main keyword or a variation of it)
  • Make sure every images/media are properly sized and compressed
  • Check ALT text and titles of every image
  • Add a catchy title for Facebook and Twitter share (Social tab on your SEO Plugin)
  • Add Schema (FAQ…) + validate schema
  • Make sure it’s readable for humans
  • Publish and share it on Social Media
  • Test page speed site for any issue with PageSpeed Insights and GTMetrix
  • Add a note in your calendar/to-do list to update in 1 month

Use this checklist as a guideline.

(Some steps, like “No parts bigger than 300 words”, are recommendations and not strict rules.)

And of course, feel free to use it as a base to create yours.

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Now Tell Us About You

We hope this checklist help you with your On-page SEO.

Which step did you find the most useful? Is there anything you would add?

Let us know in the comments below.

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