Why Content Creators and Influencers Need a Website?

Maybe you’re a content creator making a killing on Tik Tok or you’re an influencer making a great living with brand deals on Instagram, and you’re like

Who the hell need a website in 2022?

And I hear you, because I had this discussion countless times.

Truth is, social media is incredible to grow an audience and to make money, BUT

  1. It’s not the only way to get people to see your content and discover you
  2. It’s not always the easiest way to make money (especially when you start)
  3. You’re leaving money on the table if you only post on social media

Let me tell you why, even in 2022, every Content Creator and Influencer should have a website:

  1. Grow Your Audience
  2. Reach More People with Your Content
  3. Own Your Audience
  4. Say Whatever You Want to Say
  5. Help People to Get to Know You
  6. Diversify Your Income
  7. A Website Is Worth $$$

Grow Your Audience

Social media is only one source of traffic, AKA, one way to get people to see your content.

Another way is what we call “organic traffic”.

People type something in Google, your website appear in the search results, they click on it, that’s organic traffic.

And the best thing about organic traffic?

  • It’s free, like when you post on social media, you don’t need to pay to get people to see your content.
  • It’s evergreen, if you got the best content for specific keywords (aka what people type in the search bar) and you rank at the top of the search results, you will keep getting organic traffic to your website without having to do anything.

By having a website, and optimizing it to rank on search engines, you can have more people to see your content and considerably grow your audience.

Reach More People with Your Content

You’ve made a video on Youtube that is getting millions of views? Great!

You know what you can do ? Turn it into more content

  • Take the script of the video and turn it into a blog post.
  • Take some snapshots and turn them into memes.
  • Take some clips and turn them into IG Stories, Tik Tok, or Facebook Videos.

Having a website doesn’t necessarily mean you need to create more content.

You can “recycle” your best content to reach even more people.

That’s what Gary Vaynerchuck explains in his incredible Content Strategy.

Own Your Audience

On social media your account is owned by the platform.

They can at any moment decide to close your account and you’re left with nothing.

That doesn’t happen with a website.

You “own” your audience and can even build a closer relationship with them by building an email list (more on that soon).

Say Whatever You Want to Say

Social Media have guidelines and talking about certain topics will get your demonetized or even worst, banned from the platform.

On your website, you can talk about anything you want.

There’s no hot topic and you can share anything you want with your audience.

Help People to Get to Know You

When someone discover your social media accounts for the first time, it’s really hard for them to know who you are and what you’re about

Bios on social media are small and the content is usually in chronological order.

So someone who just came across your content for the first time will have a hard time to get to know you

On your website, you can write an About page with as much details as you want about you, your story, and your content.

You can even add a “Start Here” or “Get to Know Me” page where you tell them what content to watch with a specific order.

Diversify Your Income

Getting money from Youtube monetization and brand deals? Awesome!

You’ve got some Merch? Even better!

You know what would be great?

  1. Have all your products on a website so people can easily find them.
  2. List your partners on your website. This way they get more exposure, which means you can charge even more.
  3. Add affiliate links to products or services you’ve reviewed, talked about, or work with. You’ve done a video about Nord VPN? Add a post about it with an affiliate link to their service to get a commission for every people that click on the link.
  4. Charge people for exclusive content. You can give people access to exclusive content through a paywall, and again, talk about whatever you want as there are no rules.

And there’s many more ways to monetize a website (more on that soon too).

A Website Is Worth $$$

If one day you decide to quit being an influencer or content creator, you can sell your website.

Your website, and all the content on it have incredible value and some people will be ready to pay thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars to buy it.

A Website is like a piece of real estate.

The bigger it is, the more value is has.

PS: I’m not talking about a website on Squarespace/Wix or a shop on Shopify.

I’m talking about a real website made to be seen and bring organic traffic.

For content creators, I still think WordPress is the best solution as it’s the most flexible.

Don’t Have a Website Yet?

It’s not too late. You can start one today.

Feel free to message me if you got any question on how to get started.

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