The Ultimate WordPress Website Maintenance Checklist

One of the best ways to keep your WordPress site healthy and safe is to scheduled a maintenance routine.

And don’t be like “I’ll take care of it when I have time”.

Schedule some time for it and plan it in Notion or Asana with this checklist so you know everything is getting taken care of.

Seriously, don’t skip it if you don’t want your rankings to start dropping.

For our WordPress websites, here’s what the maintenance checklist looks like:

Every week

  • Check Google Analytics for anomalies

Every month

  • Use the website (go around and look for any error/issue)
  • Check Google Analytics and Search Console for anomalies, errors and new keyword opportunities
  • Update plugins
  • Clean database
  • Create a new backup
  • Run a quick audit with Ahrefs site audit (FREE)

Every 3 months

  • Remove posts/pages that are not bringing any value or traffic
  • Remove unused media (images, videos…)
  • Remove unused plugins
  • Remove users no longer on the site
  • Check for broken links with Dead Link Checker (and fix them)
  • Test page speed with Pagespeed Insights and GTMetrix
  • Schedule work for a developer if necessary

Don’t Have Time To Do Your WordPress Site Maintenance?

That’s cool.

Leave it to us then.

Check our WordPress Maintenance Service or drop us a message.

Tell Us About You

What does your WordPress maintenance checklist look like?

Leave a comment below to tell us.

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